Zen Dog Studio Game

Out of the seemingly random and chaotic world comes simplicity and peace
(symbolized by the white background of the Zen Dog Game). 
We start our lives in simplicity and eventually we return there. 
This concept is sometimes called the "Great Void". 
During our chaotic and hectic lives we must exercise concentration and
meditation in order to reach this state if even for a short time. 

Enough concentration or focus yields a state of emptiness which is the ultimate fulfillment.

The Zen Dog game starts out with a blank screen. 
Only two simple actions are permitted:
moving your mouse over the image and clicking. 
Your task is to get the screen to return to a blank state. 
Other tasks (paths) are also possible. 

Be forewarned that this is a difficult task to obtain and this is a capricious game.
It will occasionally throw you out (back to this page) no matter how well you do. 
The task described above may actually be impossible. 
The game is designed to lead to enlightenment. 
Please make sure you move your mouse
outside of the window immediately after clicking start.


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